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April 09, 2007



If dogs are being used by criminals so often WHY OH WHY do they not train police officers in the proper ways to deal with them? This is so freaking stupid!!!! From the way the first article portrays it (yes, which means nothing) that the animal only attacked AFTER they started shooting at it!? "The injured officer, a six-year veteran of the police department, was attacked by the dog after he and other officers tried to subdue the animal with rubber projectiles." Was the officer even bitten anywhere? There are no reports of injuries from the animal - just the bullet fired by Barney Fife.

Why is it surprising that dogs trained to be guard dogs will attack when they, or their owners are threatened? These articles portray the situation EVERY time like the dog was breaking the law.

I was waiting for someone to get shot by some cowboy cop trying to shoot a dog. Maybe when some two year old gets hit in the head they'll change their ways...this near miss won't be enough. Although, they'll probably try to solve the problem by trying to pass a ban.


Love the use of the word 'battling'. I mean, really.

Burst in to my place and you'll face my wiener dog. Believe me, I'd rather meet a bully breed any day.

I'm sick of these reports and sick of dogs being shot like it's nothing. They should give the owners a chance to control the dogs before they go in, why is that such a big deal? If they are afraid to do that, why don't they get a net or something they can shoot over the dog to give them time to deal with the situation?

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