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March 30, 2007



I think more dogs should be put to death for biting, I 'm tired of dogs getting second chances. I was bitten by a lab mix (unfixed male)2 months ago, he bit my arm three time, but in the same holes so far in that it rubbed the bone. one hole was 1/4 inch from my carotid artery
The dog got quarantined for one day and thats it. hes off the hook. meanwhile I have a numb / achy arm. that will probably never go away. And why did animal control do nothing because he had no prier biting reports and I "provoked" him by puting him an a cage, wow. For example: If I was at a bar and a person said something like your stupid to try and provoke me to punch them and I did I would get slapped with an assault charge. so whats the difference here? There dogs they don't know what their doing. yeah right they know exactly what there doing. there smarter then people give them credit.

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