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March 23, 2007



I think the incident with the golden retriever really illustrates the fact that PARENTS as well as dog owners have a responsibility where kids and dogs are concerned. I have had neighbors allow their kids to climb into my fenced, locked back yard to play without knowing if my dog wad kid friendly or not. Now, I don't let my dogs outside without an adult supervising them, so we never had an incident. Still, it could have happened because that particular dog hated that particular kid (turns out he didn't like the smell of pot which the parent smoked around the kid occasionally). I wish more parents would watch their kids with the degree of supervision expected from dog owners. (I have 4 kids, and yes they were supervised when they were little)

Keesha Andrews

I feel that children should be supervised when playing or in the presence of dogs, especially aggressive breeds. As a child I remember doing mean things to dogs and at the time I did not think they were mean I was just being a child. A hard tug or climbing on the back of a dog to ride them like a pony was innocent. We as parents must teach our children about dangers that some dogs can cause.

brianna webster

im am the girl that got bit 8 years ago by the golden retriever I am doing well and have 3 surgerys left


Wow Brianna. Great to hear that you're doing well. And so sorry to hear that you still have more surgery remaining. Best of luck to you.

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