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March 13, 2007


Marjorie Darby

"...10 people..."

Of course every sane person agrees that one is too many. However, such guarantees just aren't a possibility. I can't "guarantee" the world won't explode It's a scientific impossibility.

But I was especially disappointed when I caught a few minutes of the Nancy Disgrace show, on an occasion where she was talking about 'pit bulls'. (The case up for discussion was the one where the normally-chained-outside 'pit bulls' were brought inside the family's trailer for some reason, and chained in the living room, where the child encountered them and was killed.)

After hearing the figures of U.S. 'pit bull'-related fatalities (0-4 per year, on average), a more reasonable lawyer (via satellite) suggested that the numbers weren't exactly epidemic, and quipped, "More people die choking on pudding."

I was disappointed only because when he was pressed by the Disgrace if that was a valid statistic, the gentlemen admitted it wasn't, and that he was just making the point that we're talking about incredibly statistically rare events, that don't come close to comparing with other, more common, dangers we face every single day.

Had he known the facts (he was not an expert in any dog-related field) and said, "More Americans die tripping over their own slippers than are killed by dogs," his point would have been so much more effective because that is a valid statistic, and highlights the hypocrisy of the hysterical views surrounding 'pit bulls', or dogs in general.

Did you know that, around the world, about 3,000 people die in vehicular crashes, every day? Did you know you're at least 100 times more likely to be hit by lightning than killed by a dog? Did you know that about 1,000 TIMES as many American children are killed by their own parents, as are killed by 'pit bulls'?

Perspective (and honesty!!!) is so desperately needed.

The overwhelming majority of dog bites, attacks, maimings, and fatalities have involved non-'pit bull' dogs.

No, the dog bite data proves it is not safe to leave any child unsupervised with any dog, especially non-'pit bull' dogs.

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