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March 01, 2007



The Independece shelter is a death trap. The public would be outraged if they knew the full story - but of course you won't hear the full story. If you did it would have been much worse than this one.


This comment from KCAT (Kansas City Animal Talk) about the shelter from a former executive director of a well run private shelter, The Greater Kansas City Humane Society - Glenda Burns, sheds more light on the situation.

Here is the report on Independence:,1925,KSHB_9424_537125

Having an old building that is difficult to maintain is absolutely no
excuse for poor conditions. Good cleaning protocol can alleviate
many of the health issues that occur in shelter animals.

Maybe things have changed, but when I visited the Independence
shelter, it was absolutely filthy. It was not only crowded, but sick
animals were right next to healthy ones. Many of the cages were
covered with dried feces, urine and vomit. The air vents and several
fans that were running were coated with debris and dirt. The staff
seemed dedicated and I know that they have some wonderful volunteers
out there, but there really was no excuse for the conditions we
viewed that day. There were open bags and cans of food with no tops
on them and there were thousands of bugs and mice excrement

It's unfortunate that Independence chose to spend so much time on the
pit bull "issue" and chooses to ignore the inhumane conditions in
their shelter. A new building isn't the answer unless they also have
a good, established and consistent cleaning protocol, and train their
staff accordingly.

In the report, the shelter manager says that when a rescue person
takes an animal, they know that it's sick and should be prepared to
take care of it. Often the rescue groups/individuals do take on the
expense and responsibility of an ill or injured animal, but the fact
remains that ALL of their animals shouldn't be sick.

This is just my opinion. It is based on the fact that before the
HSGKC moved to its newer facility, it was housed for over 50 years in
an old garage building. There were maintenance problems, no air
conditioning and sometimes the roof leaked. HOWEVER, the animals
never suffered because of it. They were kept happy and clean. They
got fresh air and walks. It was never easy, but it was necessary to
provide a safe and healthy as possible environment.

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