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March 03, 2007



I think anyone reading this blog and any and all citizens of that metro area need to write and call the mayor, city council, and chief of police and demand answers. I know I am going to write. Breed ID is just another reason why BSL is just plain stupid. I have to travel to these two cities and often times I travel with my household's dogs. It just so happens one of my dogs has a blocky head and is often times mistaken for a Pitbull. I hope these dog owners sue the respective city's. There are cases in California where dog owners whose dogs have been shot by a trigger happy cop have won monetary damages.


I was having a COPD attack (like asthma but much worse) on January 22, 2007
I was out on the street with my dog when the COPD attack occured.
I tied the dog to a fence post and was doubled over the fence for about 10 minutes.
I was finally starting to catch my breath and some woman stops and offers to call the police. I declined her helpful offer, but she called the police anyway. Just dandy I thought, just what I needed, the police are going to come and shoot my dog out in the street, and I'm only across the street from my apartment.
So I force myself to walk across the street and I just get in the hallway to my apartment when the 1st police officer came.
As he approached the doorway I called out to him that my dog was in the hallway with me. He steps inside the hallway and jumps back, pulling out pepper spray and yelling "it's a Pit Bull"
I said no it's a dog
he happens to be an American Pit Bull Terrier
just chill out
he offers me oxygen and asks me if I can tie the dog up to the banister on the stairs...
no problem, I crawl up to the 1st landing on the stairs and tie the dog's leash to the banister. Cop #1 is ok
Then in comes scaredycop #2, same nonsense
jumps back, pulls out the pepper spray while simeltaneously yelling "it's a Pit Bull"
now this jerk keeps stepping in and out of the doorway aiming the pepper spray and me and my dog
So I ask him nicely, if he could please put the pepper spray away.
He says he needs it for protection
From what I asked ? the dog is already restrained
Anyway I was sitting on the steps and moved up a couple of steps so I could comfort the dog, who has been crying since I was doubled over the fence outside, I turn around and scaredycop is pointing the pepper spray right at my face.
I took the oxygen mask off, turned off the tank, untied the dog, didn't even bother to pick up the leash, told the dog to go upstairs and I crawled up the stairs behind him and put him in the apartment
I went back out and thanked the first officer for the offer for help and the oxygen
and told the second officer what I really thought of him
which in a nutshell was basically
If you're that afraid of a dog, get a different job...
you know what scares me is they let people like him run around with guns

If he would have sprayed me with pepper spray
I would have died that night in the hallway of my own home, attacked by a Police Officer
go figure

I am just grateful my eleven year old show dog didn't get murdered by the police

Marjorie Darby

Oh my goodness, Skydog! What an awful story! Did you "thank" the woman who called the police?

Please, if you would, copy and paste your story to:

You can see other peoples' stories of discrimination at:

I have my own concerns about having to deal with police while my dog is around. I'm scared for her. Many people, police included, are hysterical these days. Their actions might be comical, if the consequences weren't so dire.


Skydog, thanks for sharing that story.

I have a friend who works for the police department and owns a pit bull type dog. He works hard to educated the rest of the force that not all pit bulls are horrible dogs...just usually the ones they see as they break into drug-dealer's homes.

It's just a shame that many people in public service cave so easily into stereotypes...and doesn't make you wonder what other stereotypes exist that hamper their work.


adam anderson

i to know what its like to watch your bestfriend get shoot. i own a 2 year old staff. pitt bull that was shoot twice in the head by a sioux falls, south dakota police officer when the dog barked at an officer durning a bust. officer says dog was mean and makeing move ments toward him. my dog was inside the house when the police busted in. My 17 year old sister was outside when police tackeled her and she yelled my name when police opened the door my dog ran out side and barked at them. He was shoot. OZ (dogs name) got up looked around and was told by my sister to "go in the back yard" and he did as he was told. police say dog was untamed and told owner to tame the dog befor he was shott. But they did nouthing of the sort. OZ is doing fine now but that was the worst day of my life because i though i lost apart of my family not just a dog!

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