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Pleased to find your blog. Great shots and writing. I agree with your love of winter hiking in Arkansas. Found you while Googling around to plan day hikes in the Ozarks. Keep sharing!


Thanks for stopping by and glad you found me. I've added OMH to my feed to I can keep track of your travels. Looks like I need to add the Lake Alma trail to me list

Zack Andrews

Hey there!

My company, Natural State Design Co, just released a waterfall guidebook online at https://www.waterfalls.io. We would love to have you join up and add some of your waterfall photography! We're looking to build a community of waterfall enthusiasts and eventually get to a point where we have great guides to all waterfalls across the United States.

As an Arkansan, I'm starting here in the Natural State. I'm working with other waterfall hunters like ourselves to put together a much broader look at the waterfalls in Arkansas, not just what Tim's guidebook offers. I have a backlog of over 500 waterfalls to add to the site and hope to have that completed by spring.

One of my favorite features of the website so far is the ability to view and sort all of the waterfalls in Arkansas by how much rainfall they have received. One of the most often questions on my waterfall group on Facebook is how much water is running in a fall. WaterfallsIO answers that question and does a great job of it as well.

Anyways, I won't sell it to ya too much, you can check out the landing page for the site and get an idea. If you have any questions just let me know!

Zack Andrews

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