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Good to see you guys get out as much as I do....good stuf....can't remember if I have commented about this here before. Anyway....i like it.

Piggyback Rider

Wow, love the photos. Thanks for sharing, hiking with kids is a great idea too. For toddlers 2.5 y/o + up to 60lbs, try Piggyback Rider - a standing child carrier and you'll surely enjoy outside with them. :)

Madison Woods

We went in late January on an unusually warm day for winter. Everyone else in the area had the same idea! Here's some pics for your readers who might like to see how it looks this time of year: https://www.wildozark.com/kings-river-falls/

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The hike is versatile- a meadow, big smooth rocks, views of the river, caves/bluffs... Definitely wear sandals! The rocks in the river are not comfortable to walk on at all. And definitely jump in over the waterfall! This is a fabulous spot.


Is camping allowed at kings river falls??


Yes. Remember, out of respect to other visitors you should camp a reasonable distance from the falls. But there is a very good campsites high on the bluff to your left just below the falls if you are facing downstream...

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