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Patricia Sanders

Why had no one told me about this? I want to go there. NOW.

Peggy Fields   22605 Kenny Bailey Rd     Lincoln, Ar. 72744

My father, Ervin Philip Camp, was born in Silva, Ark. His father, William Washington Camp, was a miner from Missouri and Okla. I think he worked in the Morning Glory mine and some of the others. We made a trip over to Rush ,looking for Silva, but we couldn't find any mention of it. My Dad had a postcard that was stamped with Silva on it and he wasn't born until 1911. Could you tell me how far Silva was from Rush? Any information would be appericated. My father passed away in 2003. Thank you. Peggy Fields



Sorry that I can't be of much help on this. I wonder if there is an area history museum curator that might be able to help you with your search? I do wish you luck in finding more about your father and where he lived then.

Peggy Fields   22605 Kenny Bailey Rd     Lincoln, Ar. 72744

I made a mistake it wasn't the Morning Glory mine, but Morning Star mine where my Grandfather worked. I found a book in the Fayetteville library years ago, about Marion County that had a map showing Silva or Sylva. So I know it was right around Rush. Thank you. Peggy

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