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I found some berries the other day along a dirt road. I thought they looked like raspberries, but I wasn't sure, due to the large number of tiny thorns along the branches. I thought raspberry plants looked like blackberry plants in that respect, so I didn't pick any of the berries along the road. It's hard for me to see in the photos above if the branches have tiny thorns all along them and are what I found the other day. Do raspberries have more thorns than blackberries?


So, technically these aren't "raspberries", they're "wineberries". They taste a bit like a tart raspberry though. The branches do have a lot of small thorns, but they are less "grabby" than Blackberry bushes and my hands/arms aren't as cut up after picking them. These are probably what you saw if it was about a week ago, which would have been prime season this year.

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