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Ted D

Beautiful falls. I have a Tim Ernst Print of it over the couch in my living room. I worked at Camp Orr for several summers during the 1980's and early 1990's and we always referred to it as Twin Falls. Even though I knew there were three falls when the springs were really flowing I still never heard of anyone refer to it as Triple Falls until about 2003.

My dad attended Camp Orr for Boy Scout summer camp in one of the first 5 years it was in operation. he discovered these falls then and Twin Falls has been his favorite place on earth since then.

Thanks for posting the pictures.


Ted, thanks for the comment. I can't imagine a more perfect setting for a Boy Scout Camp than Camp Orr. I wasn't sure what to even call the falls as I know it is most commonly referred to as Twin Falls, but as Tim Ernst and others have been calling it Triple Falls of late (and it's a more fitting name) I included both. Plus, it Triple Falls catches on, it will avoid confusion with the Twin Falls in the Richland Wilderness area.

It's one of my favorite places -- regardless of what you want to call it.

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