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October 10, 2016


Emily Sieger

well, not QUITE "literally" "all" animal welfare organizations.. you forgot PETA's support for BSL. Who can blame you for wanting to wipe the fact of their existence from your brain?


HSUS supported BSL and in fact the killing of any "pit bull" confiscated until the backlash from Vick when they saw they could make $$$ on the lives of these victims they did a 180 I wish I had a screen shot from their "teen magazine" where they stated all pit bulls from fighting rings should be killed and dont forget Kory Nelson of Denver notoriety.. he made it his crusade to make sure pit bulls were banned everywhere he could ( and on his companies time)

Cheryl Huerta

It's about time...and there's plenty of information here by the Canadians that can be used when helping communities avoid pit bull bans when non-breed specific dangerous dog ordinances are much more effective.

Thanks as always Brent. Great job!!!


Emily - I guess I don't consider PETA an "animal welfare" group. They function far more like a fringe extremist group.

Jan - HSUS has certainly had questionable history when it comes to pit bull type dogs -- but they've come a long way in the past couple of decades. As for Kory Nelson -- I think with any cause there will be individuals that exist outside the mainstream with fringe viewpoints....but their opinions tend to be best treated as fringe viewpoints; as would definitely be the case with Nelson who is more inclined to defend his own legacy...


PETA also supports euthanizing majority of the dogs it takes in as well as stealing dogs from families and euthanizing them - they are currently in a lawsuit for one of those stunts. I don't think the extremists at PETA really count as an animal welfare group.

Emily Sieger

well of course PETA is not REALLY an animal welfare group, they're a cult of animal-hating sociopaths. But we kid ourselves if we don't acknowledge that for MOST people, they are indeed such a thing and they get press attention as if they were.

Denise DeNapoli

Great read! Thanks for breaking it down that way. I knew they were skewing the stats, but this is simply crazy. Not surprising, but nuts

Lan Hoang

Why would someone kidnap a dog from somebody house, and then euthanize the dog? Just why?

Jen Brighton

Not to mention that DBO, a tax-exempt organization that supposedly has the peoples' best interests at heart, has a history of turning on dog bite/attack victims who do not concur with its stance.

It's no surprise DBO is in favor of bans. After all, most of us are banned from trying to carry on a rational conversation with anyone on the site. How many educational sites that take donations have a whole section entitled, "Maul Talk Manual," a guide to understanding pit bull owners and advocates? The time spent on such an inane group of sayings.

The site is disturbing and the comments from its fans are often more so. It fosters hate and at times violence.

It has an ownership manual section for owners of "normal dogs" or "dangerous breeds." Say what?! How about a section for what each dog owner should know about dog saftey, period?

Signed, the "Pit Sociopath"


Absolutely Jen. When DBO first launched their site their original "about us" page was straight-forward in that their goal was to ban specific breeds of dogs. They have since then changed it to try to make themselves seem more legitimate -- but thanks to Google, the old "about us" page lives in the archives:

Dianne Singer

I call the DBO fanatics the Scrapbookers, because all they do is cut and paste.
Not an original thought - or any thought - from any of them.


Clifton complained to the Ombudsman, and it found his complaints baseless. Review by the Ombudsman, CBC/Radio-Canada French Services, complaint regarding an article by Bouchra Outak published on ICI on September 9, 2016, entitled "Pitbulls: des donnees non scientifiques frequentmment citees par les medias"



PBLNN has published the public records of Settle animal control that cover the incident o Colleen Lynn's being bitten. Those records, complete with photographs show her to be a complete liar.

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