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December 26, 2013



No chain laws need passed in every state


this whole "I was asleep and didn't hear my toddler being killed by dogs" is a very common theme...... and completely unbelievable.

pitbull friend

I believe it, EmilyS, except that I think "asleep" must mean "passed out." Sad stuff.

Dog hero

by i bet he said that to get the blame off him and on the dogs.


I have never figured out why any one who was struggling financially would want to add the additional cost of an animal to their financial burdens. It seems to be all too common however.

Dog hero

maybe they got the dog before their financial struggles and did not want to give them up.


Randy, it's because many low income people find themselves in the situation of being compassionate toward homeless animals in their community and also benefiting from the companionship these pets provide.

Jen Brighton

And yet another death dirctly attributable to a dog, a man in Bullhead, AZ, who was injured along with his wife breaking up their boxer and cocker spaniel during a dog fight. Ugh.

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