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February 13, 2013



My heart goes out to the family - they have lost a mother and now their two dogs. Perhaps the autopsy report will shed some light on what happened? Because I'm not relying on a cop's opinion of anything medical, dog bites included.


I live in the same county. This city is definately impoverished. The local paper, Press Enterprise, stated that she may have been mauled afterwards and some locals have stated that she was not in the best health. I hope that the autopsy sheds light on what happened as well. The radio blasted the usual pitbull drama and added incidents from San Diego. My heart goes out the family...and those of us who are against BSL.

H. Houlahan

The victim was a locally well-known artist.

One news report suggests that she might have been dead before the dogs touched her.


I have little doubt that she was not in the best of health. The elderly who are in poor health are more succeptible to this type of thing. H -- the quote in that news report seemed highly speculative, which is why I left it out. But agree that I hope we learn more once the autopsy is complete.

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