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March 07, 2012


Laura Prowicz

yep, I love this. I have been using this argument strategy for a while here in Chicago. In Chicago in 2011 there were ~4200 rapes and other violent crimes. there were ~1500 murders. In the same year, there were < 20 injuries "by dog". How is it people get all worked up about the injuries "by dog", generating tens of articles in multiple states, countries, counties, etc. but the guy who was shot with a gun on the street last night is so unimportant that they don't even mention his name in the fifth page coverage he got in the local paper? It's really fun pointing that stuff out to the haters.

Jennifer Brighton

I love stuff like this. And I also love the quote, "If you're truly wanting to be rational, you are taking in new information every day and may have to challenge your belief system." How true.

It really does seem that humans have become numb to tragedies that are commonplace, yet get all bent out of shape for tragedies that happen rarely.


While I do agree with this, sometimes the dissenter is correct. For a recent example, just look at the success Jeremy Lin has had for the Knicks despite numerous experts not thinking he could have any success in the NBA.

However, things are pretty clear on this particular issue. I'm actually comfortable having be the mouthpiece for BSL. Their material has been getting more and more slanted towards hate and rhetoric, with ridiculous stereotypes of pit owners and advocates. It's so silly that it's become quite comical, and more and more people seem to be getting clued into this.


Joel, I do tend to agree with you, but often, as was the case with Lin, the "experts" tended to rely on a flawed data set - -or not really have much knowledge at all of what makes for successful NBA players (the folks over at Freakanomics have been doing a great statistical analyis of what makes for a successful NBA player, and their data shows that the NBA draft is appears to be mostly just a guess).

That said, I agree wiht you on the mouthpieces of opposition. They do seem to come across more and more ridiculous in their hate and rhetoric (they are showing the common signs of group-think and becoming more firm and outlandish in their views over time. But out of curiosity, what makes you think "more and more people" are getting clued into them?


Whenever I read an article about a dog bite incident, more often than not dogsbite is cited either in the article itself or in the comments to the article. When that happens, the biased nature of dogsbite seems to get called out a lot more quickly than it used to.

It's just anecdotal, my conclusion might be based on flawed data itself...

Jennifer Brighton

You mean like this description from, Joel?:

"A pre-Nutter is a person that is headed toward Nutterdom; the ethereal kingdom in which pit bull owners live — an altered, warped reality characterized by narcipitism. A pre-Nutter has advanced as far as researching the pit bull breed, but has not yet made the dive into ownership. gets letters of gratitude from pre-Nutters who found the website and chose NOT to become a pit bull owner after reading parts of it. Pre-Nutters can be saved; once a Nutter, little hope remains."

I wonder if people who donate to their 501c3 organization realize their money goes towards a "think tank" that sits around and comes up with this amusing drivel?

How anyone with half a mind can read that on the website and take dogsbite seriously is beyond me. Talk about Nutterdom. If that stops people from acquiring a dog, they don't deserve one in the first place. They'd be better off with a turtle.


Wow. I hadn't read that little gem. That would certainly seem to qualify.


Ha ha, how can you not laugh when you read that stuff? Seriously, that website is the best possible representative of the pro-BSL kill-all-pit-bulls crowd. All kinds of hate-spewing silliness, with very little substance.

Laura Prowicz

"I wonder if people who donate to their 501c3 organization realize their money goes towards a "think tank" that sits around and comes up with this amusing drivel"

The founder of is a web developer and has her own business. I wonder how many of her CLIENTS know about her wack-a-loon obsession with pit bull owners? I wonder how many of them would continue to do business with her if they did?


This reminds me of the ridiculous idea of the federal government's to put rear view cameras on all cars because a few people haven't managed to check to see (1) where their toddler is, and (2) what's behind their vehicle and have backed over a child. This is stupid on so many levels. When you calculate the expense of the cameras on new cars and the cost of each life theoretically saved it works out to about 18 million dollars per child. 18 million dollars because someone didn't look behind their vehicle. yea, it might save some fender benders as well but property can be repaired.

years ago I backed over an extension ladder my husband left in the driveway while we were painting the house. That ladder is shorter than it should be to this day (cut off part of it) but believe me, that cured me from assuming there was nothing behind my vehicle.

So, if someone does back over a child are the Men in Black going to show up and make sure your camera was working? How are they going to make sure people actually USE the camera? And if you do back over a child and they find out your camera has been non-functional and you didn't want to spend the money to repair it are you going to the hoosegow? How many people have automatic doors on minivans that stop working and they decide for $600 they can just shut the darned door manually?

And while we're worrying about something that kills perhaps 44 children a year (more than pit bulls, I might add) people continue to drive down the highway in two-ton vehicles at high speeds texting, reading, applying makeup, eating cereal. One day my husband and I were going through the Grandview Triangle and we saw a guy on the southbound 71 highway southbound exit ramp changing his shirt! It was not a button-down shirt - it was a t-shirt and he was pulling it over his head.

A girlfriend and I were on I70 in front of the old Blue Ridge Mall and a woman next to us was driving an Explorer. She was on her cell phone with one hand, driving with an elbow, and using her other hand to dig through papers in a folder on the console. Periodically she would glance up and check in with traffic. why do we have accidents?

And then there are all the drunk/stoned/tired drivers on the roads.

Those silly rear-view cameras remind me of pit bull attacks. Any time there's something the government thinks it can "fix", look out!

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