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December 28, 2011


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Judge rules that Snickers can home - the ADA trumps the local law & again why BSL is dumb:




Ruth Stevens

The Council of Aurelia acted totally inappropriately in regards to this situation... no common sense... and goes to show how uneducated and ignorant folks "in control" and "in power" can be and do not care when they KNOW they are wrong... but harm others regardless to try to "prove" they are in the right... SO WRONG! Good for Officer Saks and the Law Team that took his case pro bono to stand up for Jim and Snickers!!


Great follow up post on Snickers returning home. I used to work at a veterinary clinic and dealt with a lot of pit bulls, most of them were extremely sweet, in fact I was more fearful of some poodles.I believe a dogs personality depends on how it was raised. Glad Snickers is home.

Thanks for sharing.

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