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November 16, 2010


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The boy slips out, 11 dogs slip in... Weird.


gack... another tragedy with a mystery twist. 11 dogs "slip in" and no one notices...


How can 11 dogs slip into someone's fenced in back yard??

Looking forward to updates.

H Houlahan

11 dogs breaking and entering a fenced back yard?

Bitch in heat? It's the only explanation that makes any sense.


yeah, H Houlahan, and possibly x of the 11 were unneutered male dogs. No noise at all. No noisy scuffles among the male dogs. The baby sitter couldn't possibly have heard any troublesome noises before the baby "darted out" the door into the melee.

But hey, the sheriff makes a point in the news story that none of the dogs is a "pit bull" so I guess we should be grateful.

And of course the only solution is to kill all the dogs...


Well, everyone here has echoed my sentiments - "Suddenly, from out of the clear blue sky, for no apparent reason at all, 11 dogs slipped into the fenced yard" Seems odd that 11 dogs were running at large, even in Phenix city. when I was a kid (part of that time in Alabama!) and no one kept their dogs up I don't ever recall seeing 11 dogs running loose together at any given time unless they were hunting dogs (Beagles, coon dogs), and they wouldn't have been running through town or someone's fenced yard.

Looking forward to more details!


EmilyS, since we don't have all the information here (and what we have comes right out of Theatre of the Absurd) I wonder if it's possible the child "slipped out the door" and joined a bitch in season, THEN the dogs "slipped under the fence", and then, as they say, hilarity ensued, and the baby sitter was alerted by the noise?


kmk, I'm going with the occam's razor version. Someone is lying about the 11 dogs


Okay, EmilyS, lucky for you I'm a geek and I watch NUMB3RS, LOL.

Perhaps it's an "X-File". Someone call Mulder and Scully.

But seriously, this was an unfortunate situation and I should not be making jokes. You're probably correct - something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Brugge Restaurant

Emily S, since we don't have all the information here (and what we have comes right out of Theater of the Absurd) I wonder if it's possible the child "slipped out the door" and joined a bitch in season............

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