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June 09, 2010


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Chris Shaughness

Thank you so much for sharing this study, and I will read the entire report. I'm completely shocked that only 19% knew about Petfinder which says that they need to do more advertising. I look forward to reading the "next steps" because I believe that education is the best way to raise the adoption percentages. Keep up the good work; I'm happy that I found your blog.


"26% of those surveyed feel PETA as an organization is unnecessary. And only 16% of people say they see a lot of positive news stories about PETA. I think people are finally starting to catch on."

I'm surprised more people don't find PETA unnecessary. Catch on? People hate PETA as they hate any organization that tells them they're doing the morally wrong thing in such clear and unwavering ways. Even among the 3% of the population who are vegan and/or vegetarian, many of us don't like PETA because we don't like oppression of any kind, and that includes using gender prejudice as a tool.

As for the "positive media stories", well, I don't let the media tell me anything anymore. The media will tell us whatever gets us riled up. The same bias they show towards reporting attacks by Pit Bulls can be seen in their treatment of PETA - overwhelmingly negative. For example, when was the last time you heard about PETA's campaign to spread the word about not keeping your dog locked in a hot car on a hot day? Of course only 16% remember a positive story - I can barely remember the last time I heard something positive about PETA from the mainstream media. That doesn't mean good things don't exist.

Susan Paramore

We have excellent luck in our area with the Coffee County Humane Society in TN. This is a renewed upstart and the people that have taken on this task, are doing the most awesome job. Very HIGH success rate on adoptions. They make sure all pets are fully vetted and spayed/neutered before adoption..Too bad more funds are not available for helping great local organizations.

Veterinary Fort Worth

i prefer adopting a dog because there are a lot of dogs who needs a home. I adopted my shih tzu and he is so dear to me.


Thanks for sharing this. I find the information really interesting. Our local low-cost/free spay/neuter clinics are always packed, often with a wait list. People want to do the right thing; they just don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars to do it. When I think about how overloaded our THREE low cost clinics are, I can only imagine the situation in areas where there aren't any clinics at all.

Dog Training

I worked at a humane society for many years and it still shocks and hurts me when my friends buy their animals from pet stores or backyard breeders. I think that most people either don't realize how many animals are euthanized or don't really care. It's one of those things that people prefer not to think about.

Juanita Rasmussen

I had my pet because I adopted it from a friend. I won't spend so much just to have pets when my neighbor is offering me for free.

jeremy barr

KC where did the 52 page report go, the link is a dead end!!!! would love to see this report!


Jeremy -- the link got broken after I posted this 2 years ago. Here's an updated link:

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