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September 10, 2009



I watched about five minutes of that interview... I saw no remorse. I saw a guy who wanted to play football, at any cost. I said Pffft and walked away. My sisters dad laughed. We arent close but, I know thats his way of agreeing.

My family has always been split between the eagles and the giants. This year we are all Giants fans, and will continue to be. We are not buying any tickets. We were also considering what to do with our eagles merchandise. I said burn it. My sister said lets sell it and donate our profits to a small pit rescue....

We had a giant bon fire last night and burnt it all!! We are also not supportign eagles sponsors. Instead we are making t-shirts to raise money for pit bulls. The shirts simply say (on the front) Philly girl says... (on the back) Vick is still a Dick!

PAMM - People Against Malevolent Men

I almost stabbed my monitor with my letter opener see the faces of those two pieces of shit on my screen. I honestly think I despise Wayne more...H$U$ is reponsible for the deaths of more pit bulls than Vick could ever hope to be.

selwyn marock

Has anyone seen Kory Nelson of Denver showing remorse,or Michael Bryant of Ontario for that
matter although Bryant maybe off the pitbull
genocide appears he is now murdering cyclists.
These 2 and others like him have certainly done more damage than Vick.I am not a Vick fan and I abhor dog-fighting but I do beleive
more focus is needed.


I'm not gonna watch these interviews because both Vick and Pacelle are so full of themselves that it's impossible for either to be truthful and sincere.

Altho Brent and others have made this point, I want to be on that list too: Pacelle is a liar ('nobody has done more...')

What I really want someone to ask Pacelle, and what I really want to hear coming out of his mouth is HOW MANY DOGS IS PACELLE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING?

And while we are at it, how many cats has HSUS killed and caused to be killed.

Pacelle is in no position to 'give Vick another chance', because he is a killer, too.

Either you're a killer or you aren't. Both of these men have the audacity to believe they have (or had?) the right to kill dogs with the right for it to end up 'OK.'

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