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August 01, 2007



A lot of shelters/rescues have been completely passing the buck on the "pit bull issues". For instance, Wayside Waifs will only allow 2 pit bulls up for adoption at any given time - PERIOD.

"If they are not killed by fighting or abuse within a year or two, they’re picked up by us and the situation forces us to euthanize them,” said Corenfield.

I call bull$hit on this. Not every pit bull that has been abused, fought or just not reclaimed is not an adoption candidate. Saying that makes it easy for people's conscious to add all these dogs to their unadoptable list so they don't skew their kill numbers. There is one shelter quoted that hasn't found ANY pit bulls adoptable in 3 years - BS!! They don't think these dogs are worth their limited resources.

I'd also like to add that just because a dog comes into a shelter with bite wounds doesn't mean it was faught, used as bait, trained to fight. It just means they got into a fight with a another dog - which happens!! Shelters use this as another excuse to put them on the unadoptable list.


I hope what you're seeing is true... but there was the same trend during/after Katrina. With the huge numbers of pit bulls there, rescuers pretty much HAD to deal with them. I know that many had their heads completely turned around. But did that change the general public awareness to a more positive? I don't know.

But I agree the press is more positive.. and on the pit bull groups you see less kneejerk defense of dogfighting (hard as it is to believe, there are mainstream pit bull people who actually defend the sport as a vital component of our breed's history... which it may be, but it's an ANCIENT component that needs to be overcome not praised)



I agree that many shelters use a lot of excuses for why they "must" kill pit bulls...and yes, claiming them as "unadoptable" and killing them does not make you a no-kill shelter. I'm happy that more shelters are stepping up to start adopting them out. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is also important to make bullies easier to adopt to eliminate some of the demand for the BYB varieties...if people can't adopt them, they'll buy them.

Emily, I agree that Katrina was a great thing for the rescue community. I talked to many rescue folks down there who had never met a "pit bull" prior to working down there and were scared when they realized about 80% of the dogs at most of the staging areas were bullies. But all left with nothing but a wonderful image of these dogs that in spite of being in a very difficult situation, were just as loving as could be. I saw three people get bit pretty good by dogs down there, and not one of them was by a "pit bull" -- in spite of them making up 80% of the dogs there. But I think this situation raises awareness to the masses in a way that Katrina did not.

And I hope to God I never meet one of the people in a pit bull group that defends dog fighting...slavery is vital component of US History too and I have no intentions on every celebrating it.

wellness dog food

It is not right to train animals to flight anyway.

Animals are stuggle to suvive due to the climate change and pollutions caused by human. And now we are training them to flight for food/ living?No living creature deserve this kind of treatment.
Pets especially, were mean to be our companion and should never be used for flighting. As long as we train pit bull (or any other breed) correctly, it should not be an issue for anyone to adopt them.


You have an outstanding blog and make some great points. I agree with you on many points. One small suggestion, though, would be to spell-check your posts. The typos and spelling errors detract from an otherwise excellent blog.


Thanks for the complement and constructive criticism. Did my wife put you up to that? The unfortunate part of having a real job is that I get caught up in that, and rush through posts from time to time. I will promise to get better I know that the typos are tough to follow from time to time...

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